1. Identification

    Each new vehicle goes through an identification process upon its arrival.

  2. Inspection

    Vehicles are then transported to the Inspection Department where they undergo strict quality control.

  3. Dismantling

    Although some vehicles are intended to be rebuilt, most vehicles we acquire are dismantled. Each part of the vehicle is then carefully disassembled so that used parts are not damaged.

  4. Pollutants

    We remove all liquid pollutants from each vehicle, including refrigerants, oil, gasoline, windshield washer as well as solid pollutants

  5. Inventory

    Each part is inspected and components are assigned with a code in order to be reused.

  6. Storage

    Car parts will be stored indoors or outdoors, depending on their size and fragile nature. When sold, they will undergo a final inspection and be given a quality seal.

  7. Delivery

    According to the selected shipping method, we will take the necessary packaging precautions to prevent the purchased part from being damaged during transport.